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‘Outrageous, indefensible’ that Ft. Hood victims get Purple Heart, but no benefits

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Although the 47 victims and family members of the Fort Hood tragedy are finally being awarded their Purple Hearts after more than a five-year wait, they’re also being denied the benefits that attach to the award. And U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz is disgusted.

The Texan Republican and presidential candidate said the situation is “outrageous and it’s indefensible” during his Friday appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Cruz noted that he helped approve bi-partisan legislation that overturned the classification of the November 2009 massacre from one of “workplace violence” to an act of terror, which led to the Purple Heart awards.

Contributing to the delay is that “this president and this administration is unwilling to acknowledge radical Islamic terrorism for what it is,” according to Cruz.

However, because the injuries themselves have been classified as non-combat-related, the recipients are still denied the financial benefits associated with the Purple Heart.

“It is outrageous and it’s indefensible,” he told Fox News co-host Steve Doocy. “One of the reasons we fought so hard to pass the legislation to require the Purple Hearts be awarded is precisely so that these soldiers get the benefits they deserve.”

The tweeps agreed. Here are a few examples:

Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan, who had been in contact with radical Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki during the days leading to the massacre, shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he took the lives of 14 and wounded more than 30 others.

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