NY Times story on NRA conference is ‘completely, utterly, factually false,’ says Bearing Arms

Eager to exact a pound of flesh, The New York Times got ahead of itself in critiquing the National Rifle Association and was called out for “a complete and total lie.”

The NRA kicked off its annual convention Friday in Nashville, Tenn., and with more than a little sanctimony, the “Grey Lady” reported that of the expected 70,000 attendees, “not one of them will be allowed to come armed with guns that can actually shoot.”

NY Times
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Looking to seize on what it perceived as the “ultimate in hypocrisy,” The Times noted that while there will be plenty of weapons on display, for security reasons “the firing pins must be removed.”

According to Bearing Arms, the editorial’s first sentence is “completely, utterly, factually false.”

Only guns being displayed by vendors and handled by thousands of people have the firing pins removed — “a common safety practice at every sporting goods show or convention,” the gun group reported.

As for weapons carried for self defense, Bearing Arms said the NRA requires attendees to follow all the federal, state, and local laws applicable in the various cities where it holds its annual event.

“This year in Tennessee, that means that attendees can indeed carry firearms in the Music City Center with the proper license in accordance with Tennessee law,” editor Bob Owens wrote.

Owens took to Twitter to note the “complete and total lie.”

He also inquired as to whether Rolling Stone took over at The Times, and ask if a prominently printed retraction will be forthcoming anytime soon:

The reactions by social media users was predictable, but entertaining nevertheless. Here is a sampling as seen on Twitter:

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