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How rich! Obama advises us not to take days off – while he’s on a taxpayer-funded jaunt to Jamaica

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President Obama made one of the most ironic quotes of his presidency Thursday.

After making an unannounced visit to the Bob Marley museum in Jamaica he inspired the official White House Twitter account to tweet out a Bob Marley quote.

“’People who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?’ —Obama quoting Bob Marley,” the White House wrote.


The president who golfed right after he was told James Foley was beheaded, who overall has golfed more than 200 rounds during his presidency, and who sent the tweet while on a taxpayer funded vacation to Jamaica, thinks people shouldn’t take the day off.

The Twitterverse found the quote as hilarious as you might imagine.

Carmine Sabia


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