Clorox forced to defend themselves against racism charge because bleach makes things WHITE!

Clorox, the brand name cleaning products company, was forced to defend themselves Wednesday against an angry online mob accusing them of posting a racist tweet about bleach.

The “offending” tweet featured Apple’s newly released emojis (yes, Apple just released 300 emojis) to make a point about cleaning fluid. The tweet suggested Apple should have considered adding a Clorox emoji to its list of household items.

Because the new emojis also include racially diverse cartoon faces, a whole bunch of social media users rushed to judgement and accused Clorox of wanting to make dark skinned people lighter.


The incident would be funny if not so horrifyingly indicative of the emotionally fragile, borderline psychotic, collective mindset that has taken hold.

The public reaction was so fast and fierce it promoted Clorox to delete its original tweet and issue an apology – for doing nothing wrong – just to make the whole thing go away.

That’s when word began to spread about what had happened and backlash to the backlash set Twitter afire:

No, no, no…don’t say “lighten up.” Sheesh, that’s what got Clorox in trouble in the first place.

And some folks on Twitter aren’t willing to let it go:

At least there are still a few around who don’t see racism in everything:

Valid point.


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