Biden sucks on baby’s pacifier, Twitter lights up: ‘Grandpa missed the meds again’

Vice President Joe Biden keeps getting loonier by the day.

In the past, touchy-feely “Uncle Joe” has been caught kissing the neck of a lawmaker’s teenage daughter, massaging the shoulders of a newly-sworn in cabinet member and placing his hand on the knee of a police officer he was sitting next to.

Source: Facebook

In the latest example, he took the pacifier from a toddler’s mouth and placed it in his own. All in good fun for a real uncle, father or grandfather. But he wasn’t related to the child in question. It was former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s grandson — Jasper Michael Brown Quintana.

“What’s a boy to do when the Vice President steals your pacifier?” Jasper’s mother, Georgina Bloomberg, wrote in Facebook next to the photo.

The Twitterverse lit up at this one, including these:

We just call it Biden being Biden.

The moment was captured during a Washington, D.C. ceremony in which Bloomberg was made an Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, according to the New York Post.

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