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How this Army vet stared down his HOA in American flag fight; ‘I fought for this country, my son fought for this country’

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An overzealous Home Owners Association was made to eat crow this week after a 73-year-old military veteran refused to stop flying the American flag outside his Georgia home, despite threats of hefty fines.

“I fought for this country, my son fought for this country – I do not understand them trying to take away my rights,” retired Army veteran Tony Cumberworth said.

Cumberworth said he’s proudly been flying the flag across the country for over 20 years and can’t understand why there’s a problem with it now, according to WXIA 11 Alive News.

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Cumberworth received a notice that stated the flag pole in his yard was in violation of the Weatherstone HOA rules, and told him he had four days to remove it or be fined $50 per day.

That wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m not paying it,” Cumberworth said. And he wasn’t about to take down Old Glory either.


After reviewing the HOA by laws and covenant, Cumberworth said, nowhere did he find anything about a flag being in violation.

Local 11 Alive investigators set out to find someone, anyone, in the HOA for a comment, but no one could be reached or would speak on camera.

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Shortly after the investigators left the neighborhood, Cumberworth received notice No. 2 from the HOA in an email that stated:

“Please disregard the code violation notice. It was sent to your home in error. We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as you desire.”

Amazing what a little publicity can do.

Cumberworth, God bless him, got in the last word.

“This is America and nobody can tell me that I’m not allowed to show my patriotism,” he said.

Any questions?


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