3rd-graders’ ‘get well’ cards for cop-killer send police union BALLISTIC

A third-grade teacher had her class write “get well” letters to an unrepentant convicted cop-killer suffering from diabetes. The letters were then hand-delivered to the felon by a professor at a nearby university.

“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade wondered what kind of example this gives the children. There are probably a lot of people wondering the same thing, and more.

Former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal was convicted in 1981 of shooting Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in the back. As the officer lay bleeding and helpless in the street, Abu-Jamal delivered the final, fatal bullet — between the eyes.

The killer believes he did nothing wrong.

Former Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police president Richard Costello was outraged during his “Fox & Friends” appearance.

“I think it’s both alarming and outrageous that any teacher would use a group of innocent 7-year-olds to promote a twisted agenda, glorifying murder, glorifying hatred and glorifying violence,” Costello told Kilmeade.

“I think the the school system needs to immediately fire any teacher involved in this,” he added. “And failing that, all the parents who have children in that school system need to reevaluate their further involvement, because these children are now placed in danger by the very people charged with their education.”

Costello said he believes Abu-Jamal’s illness is a ruse designed to generate sympathy and funds, given that he was a cause célèbre and “cash cow” when he was on death row.

“When he was taken off death row, the funding dried up,” Costello explained. “This is just a deliberately orchestrated charade to get him back in the news and get the dollars turned back on.”

Tweeps were also outraged.

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