‘I’m No Angel’: Campaign causes cat fight between Victoria’s Secret skinny models & plus size hotties

Lane Bryant, the clothing retailer famous for dressing plus-sized women, has had about enough of Victoria’s Secret’s stick-skinny models and launched an online ad campaign to go with its sexy intimate collection.

According to Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley, who discussed the campaign on Bloomberg’s “Market Makers” Tuesday, the new initiative is meant to build customers’s self-esteem and help redefine what a healthy body image looks like.

Heasley may have been a little surprised when show hosts Stephanie Ruhle and Erik Schatzker questioned her motivation and the wisdom behind a campaign that could promote being unfit.

“It’s more than just what size you are, it’s about being who you are. And embracing who you are,” Heasley said.

“And that’s what the campaign is about.”

Ruhle briefly argued that promoting health over any kind of body image should be paramount, before Heasley turned the conversation a bit political.

“We don’t broker body shaming at all. We’re a brand of no judgement…

“We think body-shaming is not motivational. If you want to lose weight and work out, do it because you want to, not because you feel guilty to.”

Apparently, there were at least a few Victoria’s Secret models who don’t see the #ImNoAngel campaign the same way Heasley does. The Bloomberg hosts got Heasley to admit that the skinny models took to social media to say that they were indeed being shamed.

Heasley quickly dismissed the skinny models’ allegations, and said the ultimate goal of the campaign “is to stimulate conversation.”

Judging from the response on Twitter, Heasley could easily claim “mission accomplished”:

Not everyone is feeling so celebratory…

Other Tweeters are finding a compromise…

Can’t we all just get along?

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