Gay Irishman calls Westboro Baptist Church to get advice on how to get into heaven

Hilarity ensued when a gay man contacted the Westboro Baptist Church — known for its “God hates fags” banner — for advice on how to get into heaven.

(Asking these despicable folks who pose as Christians while espousing hate speech about getting to heaven is akin to asking the New Black Panthers about free and unfettered voting.)

YouTube blogger Riyadh K, a gay Irishman, called Shirley Phelps, the former spokeswoman for the unaffiliated Baptist church after she left a disparaging comment on a previous video he had posted on YouTube — Phelps’ father, Fred Phelps, was the head of Westboro until his death last year.

Riyadh K posted a video of that encounter on Tuesday, and it’s as funny as you might expect when two opposing forces clash — zealotry at it’s finest.

Try as he might, Riyadh K could not even get the question out of his mouth before Phelps went off on a rant.

“You are heading straight to hell,” she told him. “God hates fags. You cannot change that standard. It doesn’t matter if you can get this entire goofy, disobedient nation…”

“Read the words and obey your God,” Phelps warned, before abruptly hanging up.

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Not to be deterred, Riyadh K called back and left a message on the Westboro gay rights hotline asking about various scenarios that might gain him entrance to heaven.

Funny stuff.

“If I burn all of my Lady Gaga CDs, will that get me into heaven? If I promise to never have any gay sexual relations on a Sunday, can I get into heaven? What if I promise to wear these hideous workman trousers for the rest of my life?” he asked. “I mean, they’ve got pockets for my tools.”

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