New television comedy ‘Halal in the Family’ calls Obama a Muslim

A new comedy show titled, “Halal in the Family” is designed to ease negative stereotypes toward Muslims – and straightaway it used President Obama to do it.

Aasif Mandvi stars in the new web series being released April 9 on Funny or Die. In the clip from the show, he is trying to console his fictional daughter who was being teased online for her ethnicity.

“Some girl was making fun of me on Facebook,” his fictional daughter said.

“Kids pick on people who will one day rule the world. Steve jobs, Bill Gates…,” Mandvi he told her.

“Barack Obama,” Sakina Jaffrey, who plays his wife, interrupted.

“That Muslim guy?” Mandvi said.

The satirical show stems from a sketch Mandvi starred in in 2010 that was produced by “The Daily Show.” He is hoping to mimic the impact of “The Cosby Show” in the 1980s, which portrayed an upper middle class American family that happened to be black.

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“Through my work on The Daily Show, I saw how satire can open people’s eyes and shift perspectives on controversial topics,” Mandvi said in a news release.

“With ‘Halal in the Family’ I had a chance to create an all-American Muslim family dealing with common forms of ignorance and prejudice…” he said.

In its 1970s heyday, “All in the Family” skewered ignorance and prejudice from all sides thoroughly. By calling his show “Halal in the Family,” Mandvi’s aiming pretty high.

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