Family of Marine jailed in Iran begs Obama administration to show some resolve

The family of a former Marine being held in Iran’s most ruthless prison for nearly four years may finally be getting the support they need to bring him home.

Amir Hekmati was visiting relatives in Iran when he was accused of espionage, according to Hekmati’s family members who appeared on Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” Monday.

Hekmati’s family is calling on the State Department to do more to negotiate his release, and said Hekmati is “malnourished” and “emaciated.”

“We’d like [the State Department] to do more, without question,” said Dr. Ramy Kurdi, Hekmati’s brother-in-law.

“They’ve shown that they can do more for other people. We’d like them to do everything they can for Amir because Amir put his life on the line for this country, he’d do it again. Bring him home, he’d do it right now,” Kurdi said.

“And we want the State Department to show that same resolve.”

So far, Hekmati’s imprisonment has been seemingly ignored by the Obama administration. However, his case has been gaining attention from some big names, including Montel Williams, who’s been an outspoken advocate for U.S. military personnel.

Another high-profile figure and “champion for Hekmati” is Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., Kurdi said.

Kildee also spoke “On the Record” and announced a social media campaign intended to drum up support for bringing Hekmati home.

“We know that when the American people speak up, the Iranian government listens,” Kildee said. “We want people to use social media, use #freeamirnow to express themselves on this.”

Kildee said Hekmati is likely being held because of his service with the Marines.

“He’s an innocent man, he’s done nothing wrong and he’s simply become pawn in a geopolitical struggle between Iran and the rest of the world.”

Kildee told Van Susteren that he has confronted President Obama several times about Hekmati’s situation but received little response.

He added, that while he supports President Obama’s new framework outlined in the latest Iranian negotiations, as a member of Congress, he will not accept the agreement until Iran releases American political prisoners, “particularly Amir Hekmati.”

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