ACLU sues over abortion rights for illegal immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union wants religious organizations to provide abortions to illegal immigrant children.

The ACLU is petitioning for a court order that would force the U.S. government to release documents related to their dealings with religious organizations that assist illegals.

Illegal Alien Children
Photo via Fox Nation.

But rather than petition the government to stem the flow of illegals crossing the border, the ACLU has a better idea: To once again put pressure on religious people to go against their deeply held beliefs and acquiesce to the group’s liberal sensibilities by providing free contraceptives and abortions on demand to the illegals.

“Many unaccompanied teenagers come into the U.S. fleeing abuse and torture in their home countries. Many have been sexually abused or assaulted or forced into prostitution,” Brigitte Amiri, an attorney with the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, said.

“We believe deeply in religious freedom. But religious freedom does not include the right to take a government contract that requires providing access to health care, and then refuse to provide a teen who has been raped the health care she needs.”

Translation: The ACLU y respects religious freedom provided it conforms to the group’s worldview.

Rather than be grateful that these religious organizations are providing lodging and food for these children, the ACLU wants to push them to violate their moral conscience — which might backfire and leave these children without the invaluable services these religious organizations provide.


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