Libs approve asinine campus tattle-tale plan to report hurt feelings

An Ithaca College plan for an online “microaggression” tracking system is drawing a combination of mockery and disbelief from critics who say it’s a system ripe for abuse by students looking for a reason to get outraged.

The Student Government Association passed the proposal last month to create a “reporting system on campus where students can feel safe to report these microaggressions actions against them,” Campus Reform reported Monday.

Class vice president of communications Kyle James—who co-sponsored the bill—told Campus Reform, “What happens if a student reports something through this reporting system that is…a crime, that needs to be reported at a larger level?

“When those things happen, albeit rare, when they do happen, there needs to be a plan.

“I can see where that might cause concern for a lot of people, but that definitely was not the point of the bill,” James said.

The bill passed with only one “no” vote, cast by class of 2016 senator-at-large Joshua Kelly.

“There are many ways to help remove microaggressions from a college campus, but generating fear of a McCarthy-esque crusade against the perpetrators of microaggressions will not solve the root of the problem,” Kelly said.

“Only education and furthering mutual understanding can do that.”

Nick Gillespie, editor-in-chief of the conservative, warned aspiring students.

So remember, kids, you don’t go to college to learn new things and feed your head. You go to college to be subjected to an anonymous system of collecting information about the bad thoughts you have and the misstatements you make, some of which you might not even have intended to be hurtful.

Cornell Law professor William A. Jacobson offered a pop quiz on Legal Insurrection,  “Bonus question: To whom do students report the micraggression reporting system?”

Twitter users expressed their disdain.

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