Kids’ cardboard fort under fire from city, but family’s not going down without a fight

A fanciful cardboard fort a father put up for his kids is under siege in Utah, but dad says he isn’t going down without a fight.

If only to make a point.

James and Dee Trentleman told KUTV they built the fort from cardboard boxes their young kids to play in – a creative use of trash that was only supposed to last for a few days.

But it took only a day to get a letter from the Ogden code enforcement office telling them the toy fort violated a city ordinance that prohibits storing household waste on outdoor property. The letter threatened fines, liens on the property, and even criminal charges.

The couple was stunned – especially since none of the neighbors seem to mind.

“If it had been out for months or something then yeah, that would make a lot of sense … but it was a day,” Dee Trentelman said.

Now, to be fair, cities have good reasons for ordinances against outdoor trash storage – no one wants to their property surrounded by around cars on cinder blocks. But a childs’ fort, cut like a castle, with a sliding board? Even the coldest bureaucrat was a kid once — right?

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The Trentlemans don’t plan on going to war over the fort – it was a temporary thing in the first place. But they’re making a stand on principle and keeping it up longer than they would have if the code enforcers hadn’t picked a fight over it.

“They gave us 15 days in the notification so I’ll be damned, it’s gonna stay up for 14 days,” Trentelman said.

The Twitter world, naturally, was on his side.    

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