CBS and employee who reported Dana Loesch for fraud scrub each other; not-so-slick!

The Twitter backlash over a CBS reporter who falsely reported the Memories Pizza GoFundMe page for fraud continued this weekend with new twists in the evolving plot.

First the reporter, Alix Bryan, took the name of her employer, local affiliate CBS 6, out of her Twitter biography and now the station has reciprocated.

At the time of the incident, the station’s official Twitter page listed the handles of several of its reporters on their biography but they have now removed all mentions of them.

Unfortunately for the station and Bryan, nothing is ever really removed from the Internet and the Twitterverse took notice.

Before the kerfuffle:

Alix Bryan


Alix Bryan


When CBS employee reported Dana Loesch for fraud she didn’t know who she was messing with!

Memories Pizza funding causes liberal hate to multiply; owners go underground.

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