‘You’re kidding?’ Obama statement on Kenya killings omitted one crucial fact

Somalian al-Shabaab militants chose Holy Week to cross the border into Kenya to wage a brutal attack specifically targeting Christians — but you would never know that from the American president

On Thursday, the day of the slaughter, it was reported:

At least 147 people were reported killed by al-Qaida-linked gunmen early Thursday – Holy Thursday to Christians — in an attack on a Kenyan university situated near the Somalian border.

Al Shabaab terrorists swarmed Garissa University in a pre-dawn raid that became a bloodbath, using a procedure that’s becoming all too familiar in Africa and the Middle East — they release the Muslims and target the Christians.

The fact that Christians were the target of the raid was confirmed by a student leader and survivor of the attack:

Student union vice chairman Collins Wetangula said he could hear the gunmen opening doors in his dormitory and asking the occupants whether they were Muslim or Christian. The sound of gunfire came when his fellow students gave the wrong answer.

“If you were a Christian you were shot on the spot,” he said. “With each blast of the gun I thought I was going to die.”

On the day of the massacre, the White House issued a statement condemning the militants but neglected to indicate the reason al-Shabaab raided the university — to kill Christians.

It’s as though President Obama believes that when Islamic terrorists attack Christians or Jews, religion is never a factor. The statement read:

Michelle and I join the American people in expressing our horror and sadness at the reports coming out of Garissa, Kenya. Words cannot adequately condemn the terrorist atrocities that took place at Garissa University College, where innocent men and women were brazenly and brutally massacred.  We join the world in mourning them, many of whom were students pursuing an education in the pursuit of a better life for themselves and their loved ones. They represented a brighter future for a region that has seen too much violence for far too long. We also commend the heroism of the responders who lost their lives in the selfless protection of the students and faculty.

I know firsthand the extraordinary resilience and fundamental decency of the people of Kenya. So I know that the people of Garissa and all of Kenya will grieve, but their determination to achieve a better and more secure future will not be deterred. And neither will the resolve of the United States. We will stand hand-in-hand with the Kenyan Government and people against the scourge of terrorism and in their efforts to bring communities together. This much is clear: the future of Kenya will not be defined by violence and terror; it will be shaped by young people like those at Garissa University College – by their talents, their hopes, and their achievements. This is a message I will relay to the Kenyan people when I visit Kenya in July. Even at this difficult hour, the Kenyan people should know they have an unwavering friend and ally in the United States of America.

Twitter users were divided. About half were outraged, and the rest saw it as another case of “business as usual” for the Obama administration.

Just as the Obama administration can’t recognize Islamic terrorists, so too it turns a blind eye to Christian and Jewish victims.

Twenty-one months — just 21 months remain before a new president and administration will take over the reins of this government. Let’s hope we can keep it all together in the interim.

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94 thoughts on “‘You’re kidding?’ Obama statement on Kenya killings omitted one crucial fact

  1. craig says:

    Sounds like a muslim to me….but then again we already knew that …shame …shame

  2. DebraJMSmith says:

    Did anyone honestly believe Obama would call this what it was?

  3. rabrooks says:

    Danger! This is how the “mental jihad” and “dhimmitude” work together. First, play down every attack directed against Christians. Even while the bodies are still warm, have loclal pislamic groups claim that these daily slaughters are “un-pislamic”.
    Next we’re kept in this “politically correct” mindset by being fed this constant bs “wanting to even to defend yourself” against mudslimes who, are killing people both here and abroad, is considered “islamophobic”!
    Basically wanting to protect ourselves from our mudslime-masters is wrong. We should not be interferring with their plans. We should be helping!

    Who’s side is this nut on? Any Christian, who hears that people are being killed simply because they are Christians, should be effected on the gut-level/personal level.
    When the leader preaches to his people, that they should not to be concerned for there own existance…………….
    I think that is called “insanity”……

  4. Woody564 says:

    If he admits his people are targeting Christians, he would be denied his virgins when Mohammed steps aside for him to take over!

  5. Shirley Nanos says:

    Obama is not kidding anyone, and he can shove that letter up his tocus.

  6. Kamlhj says:

    Obeyme never saw a Moslem he didn’t like or a non-Moslem he didn’t hate.

  7. Mal says:

    If one homosexual had been shot because he was homosexual Obama would have called for immediate action against homophobic people in Africa. He did that once and it turned out that the guy was killed by one of his lovers.

  8. whatisanoath? says:

    The idiot has to defend his brothers using the same inane reasoning that he uses here to promote his flame fanning racial hatred.

  9. whatisanoath? says:

    Quiet, he is currently enjoying the ‘bulge’ from his ‘lady’. Imagine how he will be treated by his brethren when they find out!

  10. Melissa BossyBoots Votano says:

    I don’t know about y’all but this is really starting to sound like the “Final Solution”.

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