Survivor of Kenyan Holy Thursday massacre: ‘I was just praying to my God’

A 19-year-old student’s fervent prayers robbed al-Shabaab terrorists of their 149th victim during a pre-dawn Holy Thursday raid of Garissa University College in Kenya.

Two days after the massacre, forensic scientists found student Cynthia Cheroitich hiding under clothing in a crawl space above a closet, Fox News reported. Her rescue came just in time for the holy resurrection of Easter Sunday.

When she heard voices(???), Cheroitich refused to come out of hiding, afraid the terrorists were still on campus, Fox News reported(???). She attributed her survival to the body lotion she found in the closet that quenched her thirst and the prayers that quelled her fears.

“I was just praying to my God, saying that if it has come to my day, it has reached,” Cheroitich said in broken English, according to the Fox News video. “But if it is not yet, let God decide whatever he likes.”

The al-Shabaab militants targeted Christians during the raid. Four terrorists were killed by Kenyan military forces, and five more were captured. But that didn’t necessarily end the slaughter.

“Kenyan cities will run red with blood,” al-Shabaab promised in a statement after the raid.

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