BUSTED: CBS caught deleting tweet that downplayed Iran’s ‘death to America’ chants

A magically disappearing tweet from “CBS This Morning” is only the latest demonstration of the media’s almost inherent nature to protect President Obama — but it might be one of the most brazen.

The tweet was posted on the morning television program’s Twitter account early Saturday commenting on chant’s of “Death to America” during Friday prayers in Iran.

When CBS employee reported Dana Loesch for
fraud she didn’t know who she was messing with!

With the incident taking place just two days after Obama announced an “historic” agreement with Iran to continue working toward an agreement to limit their nuclear program, CBS downplayed the news, saying the chants were “more out of habit than conviction.”

Or in other words, they don’t really mean it.

Even more suspect, almost as quick as the tweet was posted, it suddenly disappeared — unfortunately for CBS, a screenshot was captured.

With the evidence there for all to see, social media users pounced with the usual heavy dose of snark. A sampling of the responses seen on Twitter:

“Maybe CBS is nervous that this obvious sign of evil intent might persuade Americans against Obama’s idiotic nuke deal,” blogger Sooper Mexican noted.


Here are a few responses to the bloggers astute observation from Twitter:

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