When CBS employee reported Dana Loesch for fraud she didn’t know who she was messing with!

A CBS employee who reported the Memories Pizza GoFundMe page for possible fraud is now offering a half-hearted apology.

In tweets she sent out Friday, Alix Bryan said she had previously voiced “strong opinions” criticizing the pizzeria owners’ statements that they would refuse to cater a gay wedding. But the opinions were her own, she said, and were not offered “as a representative of my employer.”

Bryan missed the point that it wasn’t her opinions that sparked the backlash against her. Reporting the GoFundMe page for possible fraud was what had many fired up, but her reasoning for that offense didn’t quite add up.

“I came across a GoFundMe campaign that was not created by Crystal or Kevin O’Connor, the owners of the pizza place,” Bryan wrote on Twitter. “I was concerned that the GoFundMe account might also be a fake, especially after seeing someone had created a fake ‘Memories Pizza’ website, and I thought someone could be attempting to selfishly benefit. I reported the page to GoFundMe’s fraud page so they would look into its veracity.”

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Even though she works for a major TV outlet, Bryan didn’t do much investigating. If she did, she would have seen that Blaze TV’s Dana Loesch posted a video on the page and used her Twitter account to promote it. That should have been a pretty good sign that it was legitimate.

Or she might have noticed this in the page description.

My name is Lawrence Jones, and I’m one of the television opinion contributors on Dana’s show.

Before the televised interview, producers Rachel, Allison and George discussed the situation with Dana, myself and head writer Ben Howe. We all agreed: this family needs help to get through this assault.

So we set up a GoFundMe page with the modest goal of $25,000. The intent was to help the family stave off the burdensome cost of having the media parked out front, activists tearing them down, and no customers coming in.

It turns out that Bryan is more familiar with GoFundMe than many may have thought. She actually launched her own GoFundMe campaign – to throw herself a lavish Las Vegas birthday party, according to investigative journalist and GotNews.com Editor-In-Chief Charles C. Johnson. She has since called the effort “selfish.”

Despite her apology, Bryan got no free pass from the Twitterverse.


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