Secret Service suspected of leaking embarrassing info to get revenge on GOP’s Jason Chaffetz

There was a time in America that the Secret Service was revered above all agencies — that time is no more.

Just a month after two drunken senior agents crashed a car into a White House barricade after a night of partying, it is being reported that the Secret Service is suspected of leaking confidential information on one of it’s toughest critics — House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz.

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According to Fox News, the agency is being accused of leaking potentially embarrassing information that Chaffetz was rejected for a job at the Secret Service sometime around 2003.

The revelation prompted Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to contact Chaffetz personally and apologize “for being put in the situation that he had to acknowledge a matter that should have been kept confidential,” according to spokeswoman Marsha Catron.

Catron said Johnson will pursue an investigation “and if the allegations … are true, those responsible should be held accountable.”

Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy also called Chaffetz to apologize.

After the drunken agents rearranged White House barricades while driving through an active bomb threat investigation, Chaffetz condemned the agency for erasing surveillance video of the incident.

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“We inquired if there were additional tapes and angles and the director informed us that there may not be because it’s their policy to erase them 72 hours after they record, which is just unfathomable,” he told CNN at the time.

“This is not your local 7-11,” Chaffetz added. “This is the White House.”

Chaffetz subpoenaed the two agents involved in the incident this week — Johnson responded by calling the action “unprecedented and unnecessary,” Fox News reported.

According to the Washington Post, committee aides for Chaffetz later received a tip that Secret Service staff were circulating personal information about the Republican lawmaker — a tip that proved to be true when The Daily Beast reported on the matter shortly thereafter.

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