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Democrats want to change the name of Reagan National airport

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Appearing to find offense in something new every day, some Democrats admit they are still holding a grudge that the Arlington, Va., airport was named after Ronald Reagan.

In an unscientific survey posted online Wednesday by The Washington Post, more than half of the 42,082 respondents said they opposed the 1998 decision to change the name of the Washington National airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Of course, 62 percent of them identified themselves as Democrats.

Meanwhile, 72 percent of Republican respondents said they call the airport “Reagan,” while only 35 percent of the Democratic respondents said they call it by that name. Most said they referred to it as “National.”

WaPo Poll

One respondent, Jason West, 57, said he is still bitter about the name change.

“I’m still mad about the name, because of how it got passed,” he told The Post. “It got forced upon all the people here by a small group of powerful men in Congress.

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“It’s almost like all those Republicans wanted to stick a middle finger up to all the people who live here,” he added. “I don’t know why Clinton didn’t veto it.”

Clinton’s former press secretary, Mike McCurry, offered a rather honest answer to West’s question.

“My memory is that in February 1998, we were rather occupied at the White House with a young lady named Monica [Lewinsky],” he told The Post. “I have faint memories of this being a big deal on Capitol Hill, but I think we pretty much stayed out of it.”

Many in the Twitterverse pointed out the ridiculous nature of the “controversy.”


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