Black Lives Matter group uses ‘the cross’ to turn death of Jesus into ‘sickening’ protest about race

Proving they have no clue when to say when, #BlackLivesMatter protesters are now trying to reclaim the cross — from Jesus Christ.

Long after wearing out their welcome and even though the entire premise of their “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” movement has been invalidated by the Justice Department, race agitators took to the streets Friday carrying wooden crosses.

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Using the hashtag #ReclaimHolyWeek, activists used the crosses as props, attaching to them the names of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other black men who resisted police officers and died in the process.

Here are some Twitter photos from Friday’s theatrics:

And because nothing says #BlackLivesMatter better than an orange afro:

Social media users responded to the “sickening” charade — as one user described it — with little sympathy, which should tell the protesters it’s time to put their ginned-up movement to rest for good.

Here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:  

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Tom Tillison


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