Video: Lawmaker dares Gov Cuomo to take Common Core-like test to prove he’s ‘smarter than a fifth-grader’

Is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo smarter than a 5th grade? Assemblyman Jim Tedisco doesn’t think so and challenged the governor to prove him wrong.

“If the Governor thinks the Holy Grail of education is testing, he should take the 5th grade math and ELA tests and publicly post his results because I don’t think he’s smarter than a 5th grader,” the assemblyman wrote in a blog for the Times Union.

The testing was passed using a rule called “messages of necessity” that allows the governor and legislature to rush bills into law without public debate because they are deemed emergencies.

Tedisco said the rule is in place for “true emergencies like responding to a terrorist attack or natural disaster not to subvert democracy.”

“Sadly, eight out of 12 of the state budgets bills, including the Education and Ethics bill, were done through “messages of necessity” so the Governor and Majority Leaders could ram these through in the dark of night just like they did with the SAFE Act and other measures over the past 5 years,” Tedisco said.

He also called for children to boycott the tests.

The Twitterverse thought his idea to have Cuomo take the test was fantastic.


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