‘Not a smidgen’: Former IRS ethics lawyer disbarred for serious ethics violations

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals disbarred a former Internal Revenue Service ethics lawyer Thursday. The reason? She had committed serious ethics violations.

All of which seems to confirm what many believe — that the IRS has no ethics.

John Koskinen

IRS commissioner John Koskinen / Source: The Washington Times

The court found that when Takisha Brown was in private practice, she had misappropriated a client’s funds and had exhibited a “reckless disregard for the truth” on the matter when she appeared before the disbarment panel, according to The Washington Times.

She reportedly had bragged that she would get off scot-free because her boss at the IRS would protect her. Her boss disagreed.

“Our records indicate that this employee no longer works for the IRS,” agency spokesman Matthew Leas said, though he wouldn’t comment further to The Times, which reported:

She pleaded with the court for leniency. She said she paid back the money and explained that she was facing personal problems including a difficult pregnancy and marital troubles at the time she was being investigated for misconduct.

The court rejected those points and said misleading the disbarment hearing committee was an “aggravating circumstance” that hurt her case.

In its 14-page opinion and order, the court concluded that “The record amply supports the conclusions that Ms. Brown intentionally misappropriated funds and made false statements with reckless disregard for the truth.”

The IRS has come under attack lately when it was disclosed that many of its agents hadn’t paid their own taxes. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen insisted earlier this week in a hearing before Congress that his agency is taking steps to correct that issue.

“I can’t guarantee that we don’t have any problems in the future — no one could — since we still have 87,000 employees who deal with 150 million individual taxpayers and administer the world’s most complicated tax code,” he said. “But I can assure you that our commitment is to find problems quickly, to fix them promptly and be transparent in the process.”

Folks on Twitter were delighted, if unsurprised.

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63 thoughts on “‘Not a smidgen’: Former IRS ethics lawyer disbarred for serious ethics violations

  1. Jerry says:

    Let Gowdy ask her some questions.

  2. Phil Gwinn says:

    There is a cure for this. All it takes is YOU and YOUR friends and neighbors.

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    1. texas Tin Man says:

      ANother bullet point to add to your excellent list.
      Reduces the number of entities remitting tax payments to government by 90%, reducing cost of compliance by government (state).

      1. Phil Gwinn says:

        With your permission I will add that point.

  3. Contrarianthefirst says:

    The IRS (a subsidiary of the IMF) is itself unlawful, and all who work there or support it are in dishonor, under the Law.

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