Laura Ingraham cries ‘insanity’: 3 of 4 refugees in US on food stamps – tip of the iceberg says gov. report

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham pointed out the “insanity” behind a report that shows 3 in 4 refugees who come to the United States are on food stamps.

That sobering fact is just the tip of the iceberg, according to an annual report from the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Breitbart News reported:

Additionally, nearly half were on some form of cash assistance and more than a half were on medical assistance. More than 20 percent were on Supplemental Security Income, more than 22 percent were in public housing and nearly 20 percent were on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

The data covered a five year time period between March 1, 2008 to February 28, 2013, and was also broken down by region of origin.

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According to the report, refugees from the Middle East drew the most cash assistance at 68.3 percent, and topped the list of food stamps users at 91.4 percent.

African refugees were a close second in both categories.

All of which leads one to wonder just how long does the goose continue to lay golden eggs? Ingraham responded to a tweet from GOP-led Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, which shared the Breitbart column on Twitter.

Social media users were quick to respond, as seen on Twitter:

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