Gov. Christie pardons single mom who accidentally broke NJ gun law

A young Pennsylvania single mom who found herself in a world of trouble in 2013 when she took her firearm into neighboring New Jersey just got a welcome Easter week present from Gov. Chris Christie — a full pardon.

Shaneen Allen obtained her concealed weapons permit and purchased her handgun after being robbed twice within a single year. When she was stopped in New Jersey for a minor traffic offense, she told the officer she had a weapon in her vehicle.

Unfortunately, New Jersey doesn’t recognize weapons permits from neighboring states, and she ended up facing a felony weapon possession charge.

Allen, who had no criminal record, was eventually able to avoid prison time when she was placed into a diversion program, according to Townhall.

But that wasn’t enough for New Jersey’s outspoken Republican governor. He granted her a full, unconditional pardon.

Source: Townhall

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