Fox News grills WH spox over Reid’s lies about Mitt Romney; the answer is INFURIATING

Fox News reporter James Rosen on Wednesday grilled White House spokesman Josh Earnest whether the administration would condemn Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid’s seemingly casual admission that he’d lied about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney evading taxes during the 2012 campaign.

But Earnest couldn’t be bothered.

Reid had famously used the Senate floor to make the allegation that former presidential candidate Mitt Romney hadn’t paid taxes in 12 years. The rumor was designed to hurt Romney’s election campaign – and Reid told CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview that aired Tuesday that he has no regrets about it.

“Romney didn’t win did he?” Reid said.

Reid’s haughty attitude reignited public fury over his unscrupulous behavior, and Rosen seized the moment in a Wednesday press conference to question Earnest over whether the White House had any comment on it.

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“I wonder if President Obama, who has lamented this incivility in our politics, this disrespect in our politics, has any view of Harry Reid telling Dana Bash … ‘Well Romney didn’t get elected, did he?’” Rosen said.

Earnest tried to dodge the question by saying that Reid can say whatever he wants on the Senate floor.

Rosen pressed on.

“It’s the president’s choice and his spokesman’s choice to call out conduct unbecoming of our highest elected officials when it is in fact unbecoming,” Rosen said. “Are you going to take that opportunity now?”

“Not for something that’s three years old,” Earnest said smugly.

As Rosen pointed out on “The Kelly File” on Wednesday, Earnest’s response brought to mind the time when Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor was asked about Benghazi and tried to brush it off by saying, “Dude, this was like two years ago.”

In other words, his response was typical; they got away with it then, they’re getting away with it now.



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