Brave store owners prove more than a match for hatchet-wielding robber

A would-be robber, armed with a hatchet, got more than he bargained for when he attempted to hold up a retail store in the U.K.

UK robber
Source: The Daily Mail

As determined as Shaun Andrew McKerry was to separate the Shildon Post Office and Stores of its receipts, the husband and wife owners were even more determined that he fail in the March 15 attempt, according to the Daily Mail.

McKerry burst into the establishment swinging his hatchet and demanding that the clerk empty her cash register.

Sab Dhillon, 46, the proprietor, saw what was going down from his office in the back and rushed the scoundrel from behind. When he finally restrained McKerry in a chokehold, Dhillon’s wife, Sam, joined the melee in an all-out run — baseball bat in hand.

I didn’t even know they had baseball bats in the United Kingdom!

She put the bat to good use by clobbering McKerry, further subduing him.

It appears as though the clerk is telling the wife at several points that she doesn’t need the bat — the robber is secured — but she was having none of it and whaled away.

“I think everyone imagines these situations when they work in retail but you never think it will actually happen to you,” Sab Dhillon told the Daily Mail. “I just wanted to protect my staff and make sure that none of them get hurt. We have been here for five years, there has been a couple of minor incidents but nothing at this level.”

McKerry’s partner-in-crime, who served as a lookout, beat feet as soon as he saw how the caper was going down. No one other than the would-be thief was injured.

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