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Baseball great Curt Shilling offers BIG reward to get back custom bikes stolen from wounded vets

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Wounded veterans targeted by heartless thieves have found a friend in Curt Shilling.

Conservative icon and former Boston Red Sox pitcher is offering an award to help find 16 custom-made bikes that were stolen from wounded veterans in San Diego Tuesday.

Shilling offered his generous reward in a tweet that said he would include “airfare, hotel, and tickets to ANY game in the USA, for two.” And that doesn’t mean any baseball game, Schilling stressed. It means any game.

The despicable theft took place at the Naval Medical Center SanDiego and enraged retired Marine Corps Sgt. Jamie Rihn.

“It may seem like a bicycle to most, but it’s not us. It’s our way of life,” Rihn told Fox 5 San Diego.

“I was really, really angry that someone stole from our warriors – our healing warriors that have given 110 percent already.” Rihn said.

“Shame on you! Shame! I mean these aren’t just bicycles for us. These are our way of life.”

The critical need for the specially adapted bikes that are owned by the non-profit group Ride 2 Recovery is precisely why Shilling stepped in to do what he can to help find them. And it looks like he’s getting plenty of support.

Shilling didn’t let the anger or the accolades for his good works take over. Instead, he remained focused on spreading the word.

Once again, Shilling proves he’s class act through and through.


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