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Megyn Kelly calls on Senate to admonish Harry Reid’s ‘disgusting’ attack on Mitt Romney

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Calling it “disgusting,” Fox News host Megyn Kelly ripped into outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid for “all but admitting that he repeatedly lied to the American people” during the 2012 presidential election when he claimed that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had not pay his taxes.

In an interview aired Tuesday on CNN, the Democratic lawmaker was asked if he had any regrets about the incident, with host Dana Bash noting that some people “even called it McCarthyite.”

“Well, they can call it whatever they want,” a smug Reid replied. “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

Kelly put the onus on Reid’s colleagues in the Senate to call him out for this “ugly breach of the public trust,” asking if they are ashamed of Reid’s “complete lack of integrity, complete lack of honesty, never mind respect for the American people.”

“It’s just disgusting,” Kelly told guest Dana Loesch. “He’s not even ashamed that he lied. He’s proud of it because in his world, apparently, the ends justified the means.”

Harry Reid tells CNN he’s proud of lying about Mitt
Romney’s taxes: ‘Well . . . Romney didn’t win, did he?’

Loesch pointed to Reid’s behavior as a key reason why American politics have become so polarizing.

“People don’t care about being accurate anymore,” she said. “They don’t care about being truthful, they just wanna win an argument, and that’s shameful.”

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