Changing Lanes: Tucker Carlson not about to denounce own brother over email

Conservative pundit and co-host of “Fox and Friends Weekend” Tucker Carlson says he would never denounce his family in public.

The editor-in-chief of Daily Caller and “Dancing With The Stars” alum told Real Clear Politics a story about his brother Buckley accidentally hitting “reply all” in an email chain with a staffer for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In the email, one of Carlson’s reporters called the staffer annoying and Buckley Carlson, who was blind-copied on the email, responded with nasty words for the woman. The woman sent a copy to BuzzFeed.

Carlson said the story “blew up” and reporters called him asking if he would denounce his brother.

“You know what? If my brother committed a mass murder I would not criticize him in public. He’s my brother. Period,” he said. “Under no circumstance will I criticize my family in public — ever. Ever. That’s the rule and I’m not breaking it.”

Good for you, Tucker. Nothing is more important than family.

Besides if he didn’t denounce you for that dancing, you owe him.

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Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


43 thoughts on “Changing Lanes: Tucker Carlson not about to denounce own brother over email

  1. Paul J says:

    Tucker Carlson is master of the straw man. Nobody asked him to denounce his brother. As head of his organization, he was asked to take responsibility for the rude behavior of his staff, and an outrageously vulgar email that offended a mayoral spokeswoman who had demanded a retraction to another erroneous story on his website, something he admits happens every day. Instead of demonstrating some maturity, decency, and leadership, he has chosen to avoid the real issue and laugh it off. His behavior is represhensible, but it demonstrates exactly why he isn’t taken seriously.

    1. Marv Sammons says:

      But the BowiTie…?

      1. iitywybad says:

        If you notice, he isn’t wearing a bow tie. He lost the bow tie when he lost the pervert network MSLSD.

        1. Paul J says:

          Actually, he stopped wearing the bow tie after Jon Stewart humiliated him for it.

    2. R T Deco says:

      He must have taken lessons from you, judging from your comment.

      1. Paul J says:

        And where is the straw man in my comment?

        1. R T Deco says:

          Tucker was asked explicitly about his brother, and he responded to that question by talking about his brother. He stuck to the point and didn’t wander into strawman space. He answered the question, didn’t he?

          You, however, put up the straw man that his comments about his brother have anything to do with the “annoying” lady (and I use that term loosely) who works for de Blowhard other than she is extremely annoying. Well, he mentioned that the complains by the “lady” had already been addressed elsewhere and didn’t have anything to do with the present conversation. Nevertheless, you chose to rip your straw man to shreds by conflating the two issues.

          1. Paul J says:

            Interviewer: “Your brother got into some controversy….”
            At no time was Carlson asked to “denounce his brother.” Not in this interview, and at no time since the controversy began. He made that up entirely.

            Your second paragraph is an absolute mess. You seem not to be familiar with this issue at all. de Blassio’s spokesperson sent an email demanding a correction from a writer at the Daily Caller, and she got a string of abusinve emails in response, including a particulary vile response from Buckley Carlson. Tucker Carlson has never taken responsibility for that, and has never apologized, so your insistence that the “complains” had “already been addressed elsewhere and didn’t have anything to do with the conversation” makes no sense. That is precisely what the conversation was about.

          2. R T Deco says:

            Perhaps you missed the point where Tucker says:

            And I wrote back and said, “Look … you’ve complained about our story, that’s totally legitimate, and we’ll check and see if you are right” … and she was right by the way and we corrected it. We always correct it when we’re wrong … always.

            Whether or not this person is annoying is not for me to judge, since I’m not privy to the email exchange. Therefore, I can only take Tucker’s word for it. Given that she works for de Blockhead — and given how annoying that sorry SOB is — I have every reason to believe Tucker and his brother.

            Why aren’t you asking whether de Blockhead’s aide ever apologized for being so darn annoying? It sounds to me like this woman was very rude and abusive herself. As far as I’m concerned, it’s tit for tat, and none of my or your business.

          3. Paul J says:

            Fantastic. You never even bothered with a Google search, I should have realized you had no idea what you were talking about.
            Here;’s the link Sport: Feel free to tell me no apology is required after you read this bile from your heroes:

          4. R T Deco says:

            Yeah … sometimes you nail it. Just because it is not polite and was not meant for general consumption doesn’t mean that it is not accurate. So they have red faces. I don’t think that this email exchange is all that flattering for de Blockhead’s woman either. She does come off as whiny and annoying.

    3. iitywybad says:

      And your post demonstrates why NO ONE would want YOU for a brother!

      1. Paul J says:

        My brother and I are very close.
        Carlson doesn’t have to say anything about his brother. He needs to reach out to Spitalnick and say “you sent an email to us correctly demanding a correction, and you received a string of abusive emails in response. As the head of this company, I take full responsibility for that, and I apologize unconditionally.” His failure to apologize clearly demostrates his lack of character. Your failure to see the real issue demonstrates something else entirely.

        1. howdy doddy says:

          would you like some Cheese with that WHine ????

          1. Paul J says:

            Where is the whine, exactly? Do you work at the Daily Caller? I ask because that seems to be the fallback position when they get backed into a corner. Carlson did it to the spokesperson who called them out for a blatant and obvious misrepresentation of the mayor’s position. He accused her of being whiny and annoying, which wasn’t the case at all. The only thing he was annoyed with was that he got caught peddling misinformation again.

            So, which part of that was whiny?

          2. R T Deco says:

            “He accused her of being whiny and annoying, which wasn’t the case at all.”

            And your evidence for this is … what exactly? Perhaps she was whiny and annoying. Clearly her supporters are. You’re ample proof of that.

          3. Paul J says:

            Evidence? You mean the emails themselves. Google it. She said nothing that was remotely whiny, and the only thing Carlson was annoyed about was that he got caught with another bogus story.

          4. R T Deco says:

            Ah … good idea. Having reviewed the emails, I have to agree. Wow! She is whiny and annoying. You probably don’t see it, because you are whiny and annoying yourself. Sorry about that, but getting back to the point, how is this a straw man?

            If the shoe fits, wear it.

          5. Paul J says:

            Here’s a tip: when you start insulting the other person instead of discussing the issue, it’s a clear sign that you’ve lost the argument.

          6. R T Deco says:

            Here’s a tip: when you wait 19 hours to get back to someone on an Internet forum, nobody cares anymore about what you have to say. But don’t let me stop you from keep beating that dead horse if it makes you happy.

          7. Paul J says:

            And yet, there you are responding when it’s obvious your boy Tucker is a complete dirtbag and you refuse to admit it.

        2. R T Deco says:

          “My brother and I are very close.”

          Naturally. I imagine that you’re both equally annoying.

          1. Paul J says:

            Yes. It must be very annoying to have someone point out that Tucker Carlson should apologize to a woman who recieved disgusting emails in response to a valid correction request sent to him.

      2. John Lasher says:

        So does yours, ittybittywad.

    4. Friend Of St. Frank says:

      Do you think he got tips from Hillary Clinton and her lawyer?

      1. Paul J says:

        Man that’s hilarious. Whenever one of your own is exposed as a complete dirtbag, trot out some bull about Hillary Clinton. Great stuff man.

        1. Friend Of St. Frank says:

          you are a riot, hon. 1. i am not a republican. 2. I am not male. 3. I have known the clintons on a personal/professional level since before Bill was Governor of Arkansas. In fact, when he was president, i was the person in my state who did the research for him on needs assessment, adoption and yes, health care-the man did value research and based his policy decisions on such. So, I rather know a lot more about them then idiots like you who are politicists and creatures of hate who can’t stand anyone with a different viewpoint than theirs.

          But, see, I was just being funny and your response to me just shows what a complete and total sexist, bigot wealth and power addicted piece of crap you truly are. Congrats-I will let the cliintons know they still have dumber than doorknob zombies out there who will never obtain the ability to think critically-which means holding two opposing thoughts in your head simultaneously. Congratulations Mr. Paul J. Grubber.

          1. Paul J says:

            That’s not who I am.
            You should probably consider taking your medication today.

          2. centerroad says:

            One of friend st. frank’s first acts as a child was to eat her own excrement, by age 11 she was cornholing the boys…then the sex and violence to animals started…you can see what she turned into.

    5. Boots says:

      Soooooo…… who has a larger following… Comrade Paul J or Tucker? Unless Mr Soros is paying you a lot more than all of his other trolls Tucker is making a) a lot more than you are for not being taken seriously and b) people pay him to ask him for his opinion while I doubt we would recognize you from either cable or network talk shows.

      1. Paul J says:

        Awesome response. The issue is whether Carlson and his brother should apologize for vile emails sent to a spokesperson who made a valid correction demand. I noticed you didn’t bother to address that issue. Nobody here has.

        1. Boots says:

          I can’t speak for the others but it’s not my place to tell either Mr Carlson to apologize any more than it’s my place to tell anyone else to issue a fake apology… which almost all political apologies are. When this stuff happens, for both the left and the right, the only thing they’re really sorry about is getting caught. Yet both sides want to club the offender like a baby seal for behavior they ignore within their own ranks.

          1. Paul J says:

            Nobody is telling him to apologize. People are criticizing him for not offering a genuine apology on his own, which is what any decent person would do under the circumstances.

          2. Boots says:

            You’re arguing with the wrong person. I don’t really care and the people who pretend to care are overwhelmingly on the left and are faking outrage… just like the right’s outrage is mostly faked when a leftist does something stupid. However… if people are criticizing him then the message is pretty clear… they’re telling him to apologize and throw his brother under the bus.

            I guess when the President takes a world tour apologizing for America the left believes that we should all apologize for stuff we didn’t do. When are Africa and Islam going to apologize for selling blacks into slavery to Americans? America corrected it’s horrific policy but there’s still a thriving slave trade in the Middle East. I’ll take the left’s demands for apologies seriously when they start caring about real evil.

          3. Paul J says:

            He doesn’t have to throw his brother under a bus. He’s already there. Have you seen what he wrote?

            Someone sent Carlson an email and got a vile response. As head of that company, he should take responsibility for that. Any decent CEO would do that. All he has to do is reach out to her and acknowledge that she received a highly offensive email response to an email sent to him, take responsibility for it (“the buck stops here”), and apologize. The offensiveness of the email isn’t in question; it’s quite obvious. His failure to apologize demonstrsates a significant lack of character and judgment.

            If y’all want to start winniing more elections, you should pay attention to this. Most women who are aware of this incident are horrified (feel free to run it by your mom, sister, or wife if you don’t believe me), they’ve noticed that neither Fox News nor any of the right wing websites care, and they vote.

            This isn’t the left’s demand for an apology. Any decent human being would be appaled by this.

          4. Boots says:

            “This isn’t the left’s demand for an apology.” True that is. This Paul J’s personal Jihad against Mr Carlson at this point. Liberals treat women at least as shabbily. You’re still in your faux outrage mode. You can have the last faux outrage word.

          5. Paul J says:

            I tried to post a copy of the email from Carlson, but it was too offensive for this website, which is kinda ironic, no? Here’s the edited version. Feel free to send it to your mom and tell her she raiseed a son that has no problem with women being subjected to this in the workplace.

            “Great response. Whiny little self-righteous b***h. “Appalling?”
            And with such an ironic name, too… Spitalnick? Ironic because you just know she has extreme d**k-fright; no chance has this girl ever had a pearl necklace. Sp**geneck? I don’t think so. More like L****Face.”

  2. Soxtory says:

    Maybe Harry Reid will come and work for him, speaking of maturity, decency and leadership!

  3. Doug says:

    “Never go against la familla.” Don Vito.

    1. Rip Rogers says:

      Such wisdom.

  4. dHoser says:

    Interviewer: Your brother got into some controversy lately…
    Tucker: My brother’s hilarious!

  5. hindsight98362 says:

    I totally agree with him. Besides his brother being hilarious, HE’S hilarious.

  6. R T Deco says:

    Blood is thicker than Twitter.

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