Bush joins returned veterans for 5th annual ride to treat ‘the invisible wounds of war’

Former President George W. Bush began the fifth annual W100K Thursday, where he invites a group of wounded warriors to join him for an inspiring 100 kilometer […]

david clarke
Sheriff Clarke defends cops against Obama insults, ‘disdain’ for the police

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke condemned President Obama for the remarks he made about the riots in Baltimore, saying the president makes general comments about rioting being […]

Scathing Cruz urges Hispanics: Don’t let Democrats do to Latinos what they’ve done to blacks

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz ripped President Obama on Wednesday with scathing remarks about Obama’s role in the epidemic of racial episodes that has gripped the country. […]

CNN anchor forced to apologize for blaming vet cops for riots, but vets aren’t buying it

After igniting a firestorm of criticism with an outrageous insult directed at American veterans, a CNN anchorwoman went back before the cameras on Wednesday to beg for […]

‘It’s called parenting!’ Social media users school lib on why America saluted courageous mom

A Washington Post guest writer who berated Americans for applauded the mother who walloped her teenage son and yanked him from a Baltimore riot got an earful […]

Combat vet Tom Cotton challenges Iranian over Obama nuclear deal: Bring it on, coward!

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton challenged Iran’s foreign minister to a debate Wednesday after the Iranian told an international group that Congress will ultimately have no say over […]

‘Government is not the effing parent’: Social media revolts at Hillary’s creepy comment about YOUR kids

Get ready to hear Hillary Clinton double, triple and quadruple down on her famous “it takes a village” mantra in order to pull at the heart strings […]

W. Kamau Bell
Black comic wants to ‘ban’ whites from saying ‘Martin Luther King Jr.’; how did white America respond?

Try as they might to avoid it happening, the left always manages to let their totalitarian slip show. The latest example comes from “comedian” W. Kamau Bell, […]

Parents cheer as dad sets school principal straight on family vacations

Parents across the country are rallying behind a Pennsylvania father who sent a powerful letter to his 9-year-old twins’ school principal over an outrageous school policy against […]

Teen pulled out of riot by mom tells his side: ‘What is my mama doing down here?’

The young Baltimore teen who got walloped by his mother for joining the riot in Baltimore appeared both humiliated and contrite when the pair appeared on TV […]

Investigators unearth thousands more Lois Lerner emails the IRS said ‘couldn’t be retrieved’

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comInvestigators have found thousands more emails the IRS withheld from Congress as part of the continuing probe of the agency’s improper targeting of Tea […]

Older woman silences Baltimore thugs’ obscene rant: Show some intelligence!

A group of unruly protesters, after spotting a camera, went off on a profane rant denouncing Baltimore authorities, including the African-American mayor, but the rant came to […]

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