‘Take off my uniform!’ Veteran explodes at ‘fake’ uniform-wearing panhandler

Rule No. 1:  If you’re homeless, do not ask veterans for money outside a military base while pretending to be former military.

At least don’t ask the veteran in this video.  This hulking man publicly confronted an apparently homeless man, shouting like a drill sergeant.

He first asked the panhandler if he’s a veteran, then started his tirade.  “Show me your veteran’s ID card!”

When the panhandler said he didn’t have one, the veteran exploded, “Take off my uniform!”

“Yes sir!” the panhandler responded while walking away.  But this vet didn’t give up easily.  He followed the man for two minutes, shouting continuously, and even told the man to keep off the busy street.

The video does not reveal where the confrontation took place, other than it was a military facility.  “You got the balls to stand out here.  We got military people coming in and out the gate?  That takes balls!” the vet screamed.

This inept panhandler didn’t even have an active duty military patch—it was a Junior ROTC patch.  Junior ROTC is a military-sponsored training program for high schoolers.

The vet demanded, “You’re wearing an ROTC patch, you’re obviously not a veteran, and you’re wearing a veteran’s uniform out here telling people you’re a veteran, asking for money?”

“It’s not like that at all,” replied the man.

“That’s exactly what it is!” the vet erupted.  “Junior ROTC no less!”

Shamed, the man took off the uniform jacket and apologized profusely.

The enraged veteran didn’t flinch.  “Don’t apologize to me!  Take that and throw it in the garbage!”

“My brother died for that uniform!” he shouted.

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