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‘Next time you’ll get shot’: Female weightlifter ruins home invader’s day

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A Florida woman who arrived to find a man burglarizing a bedroom in her home tried to call the police at first, but became a crime fighter on her own when the thief knocked the phone from her hand and punched her in the face.

“He hit me, so I socked him in his eye,” Margaret Gulla of DeLand told WKMG Channel 6 in Orlando. “And he was trying to get away and I had him by his shirt and I wouldn’t let go. I tried to drag him to get to the phone.”

FOX 35 News Orlando

Gulla is a former professional weightlifter, so when she “tried to drag,” she really tried to drag.

Still, the man, identified as Tobias Cobb, 35, managed to break free and fled out the back door with Gulla in pursuit. A neighbor who’d seen Cobb and an alleged accomplice casing the neighborhood earlier, heard Gulla’s screams was investigating when the two crashed out, he told Fox 35.

“I knocked on the front door, and I heard her yelling, ‘Help! Help!'” the man said. “The door was locked, and I ran around to the back. As I ran to the back, they came through the back door.”

Tobias Cobb and Kimberly Jarrell were arrested after Cobb allegedly broke into a Florida home. (Photo: WKMG)

The neighbor pursued Cobb for about a mile, when Cobb tried to hide in the men’s room of a building. The neighbor called Volusia County deputies, who showed up with a police dog.

When he was arrested, Cobb’s backpack held a hammer, rubber gloves and jewelry from the home where Gulla lives with her mother and father.

Cobb and his allege accomplice, 38-year-old Kimberley Jarrell, were booked Thursday into a Volusia County jail.

Gulla , 47, had a cut on her face and a swollen nose from Cobb’s punch from the incident, but had no regrets about her action.

And she did have some advice for Cobb — and likely any other would-be home invaders.

“Just don’t come back to my house again, because the next time you’ll get shot,” she told WKMG.



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