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Libs turning Indiana religious freedom law into new ‘hands up, don’t shoot’; Rush explains

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The fake liberal outrage over Indiana’s new religious freedom law has all the elements of a new “hands up, don’t shoot” cause for the left, radio host Rush Limbaugh said Monday:

It’s media-friendly, it fits the liberal narrative that Republicans are backward-looking fascists, and – most of all — it’s based on a lie.

“It’s a law that says the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment has been affirmed,” Limbaugh said.  “But you see, it’s selective outrage.”

Indiana’s law is based on the federal Restoration of Religious Freedom Act, the 1993 law that was approved unanimously in the House, virtually unanimously in the Senate and signed by a Democrat president named Bill Clinton.

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In other words, it’s the law of the land and has been for more than 20 years. But that’s not how the libs are playing it, Limbaugh said.

“The media is telling you that the governor of Indiana, Mike Pence — who we know here; he’s a good guy, he’s a good man — and the people of Indiana have decided that they don’t like gays,” Limbaugh said.

“That’s not what the law is.

“But that’s how it’s being construed, that’s how it’s being portrayed. On one side we’ve got the facts, the history, the context, and it doesn’t matter.  Over here we have what the media is saying about it. It’s purely emotional. It is driving people’s emotions and is creating almost a replica of the lie that ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ was.”

It’s not a perfect analogy, Limbaugh said, and he’s right. But it’s close.

Even Eric Holder’s Justice Department called “hands up, don’t shoot” a lie.

But by then, the damage was done.

Despite what the libs are saying now – and the combative interview ABC’s George Stephanopoulos conducted with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Sunday is a great example – the Indiana law does nothing more than codify federal law at the state level.

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