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ISIS shows off ‘graduation’ photos of faceless cowards to prove power

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The Islamic State has been sending out photos of its “graduating class” of young, idealistic recruits ready to join the ranks of the terrorist killing machine.

According to Fox News, the photos that have been tweeted out over the past several days come after the class completed 18 months of training at a “university” in northern Syria.

One expert told Fox News that ISIS has two goals in publicizing the pictures.

Adjunct professor of Homeland Security for the Clarion Project, Ryan Mauro told Fox News ISIS has reasons for publicizing these pictures.

ISIS Graduation
Credit: Twitter – Photo via Fox News.

“There are two messages being sent by ISIS besides the obvious shock factor,said Ryan Mauro, adjunct professor of Homeland Security for the Clarion Project.

“First, [that] their caliphate is an actual functioning and legitimate state. Second, this is long-term struggle,” he said. “This is a way of saying that ISIS has succeeded (in creating a state] where Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists have failed.”

Jasmine Opperman, an analyst for the Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium, agreed.

ISIS Graduation
Credit: Twitter – Photo via Fox News.

“The graduation photos send a message by ISIS that it has a military capacity ready to defend the Islamic Caliphate,” she said. “A ‘government’ that has not lost control and will be able to defend its ‘territory.’”

“One of the purposes of these photos is to show that they didn’t just seize territory; they transformed it into an attractive caliphate that is a viable alternative to other civilizations,” Mauro added.

“ISIS and other Islamist groups are at odds over the legitimacy of [the Islamic State’s] caliphate, but they are in agreement that this is a ‘civilizational jihad’ against other systems influenced by the West.”

The Twitterverse chimed in with its own thoughts on the graduation pictures.


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