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‘You’re scaring the children!’ How far will ‘black brunch’ demonstrators go?

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The “black brunch” protesters were at it again this weekend spreading their convoluted brand of racial division to promote racial harmony.

As they have at similar protests in New York, San Francisco and Oakland, demonstrators descended once again on Atlanta Sunday to interrupt the meals of predominantly white patrons, chanting insipid slogans and citing cherry-picked statistics to “make white people uncomfortable.”

With each Sunday that passes, though, the aggression level seems to rise — on both sides. Last week in Minnesota, restaurant staff ejected the demonstrators before they could even get going.

On Sunday in Atlanta, a manager even pleaded with one of the protesters — “You’re scaring the children!” — to no avail.

The protests again went viral on social media via pictures and videos of the event, with some commenters showing support for “the cause” while many others railed against it.

It is tough to imagine how anyone believes these repeated, public temper tantrums are doing anything other than creating discord — and damaging the very cause these troublemakers claim to be promoting.


Black brunch protesters stunned as angry diners fight back, push them out.

Carmine Sabia


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