Weed and seed: Potheads mass in DC for marijuana seed giveaway

The latest sign that the country’s going to pot was on display last week in the nation’s capital.

With the District of Columbia having recently joined the limited ranks of locales in America that have legalized marijuana, the DC Cannabis Campaign held a seed giveaway at a local bar and people lined up around block for the free offering.

Being that it is Washington, D.C., the legalization of weed came with a few stipulations.

Residents are allowed to possess marijuana, grow up to six plants at home and give away as much as an ounce for free, according to public radio station WAMU, but sales and public use remain illegal.

All of which lead to the #seedshare project — Thursday’s giveaway, DC Cannabis Campaign’s second such event, marked the one-month anniversary of the passing of a ballot initiative that changed D.C. pot laws, according to Twitchy.com.

And people turned out by the hundreds, if not thousands. One might have mistakenly thought the federal government was giving away Obama phones, or some other free entitlement.

“So, basically you walked in, you go upstairs and there’s tons of cool people just giving out their seeds,” one woman told WAMU. “It was just really awesome. Everyone’s just super welcoming and totally giving.”

The free pot was all the rage on social media. Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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