Could Harry Reid’s part in visa fraud scandal be connected to his retirement announcement?

Could Harry Reid’s part in the latest political scandal play a part in his decision to retire from the Senate after his term comes to an end?

Reports surfaced this week that the deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security pushed through visas for foreigners investing in a Las Vegas casino project at the behest of Reid whose son Rory was the lawyer on the project.

The report alleges that Alejandro Mayorkas, who at the time was Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, was pressured by Reid to give “special access and treatment to certain individuals and parties,” according to Fox News.

Mayorkas involvement led to the expedited visas being granted to the foreign investors even though others in his department advised against it.

Wednesday on Fox News’ “America’s News Room,” William La Jeunesse said Mayorkas intervened when Citizenship and Immigration Services denied the visas. Harry Reid personally called Mayorkas asking him to reconsider.

“Not only did Mayorkas overrule his department, he ordered them to brief the Senator on a weekly basis,” La Jeunesse said.

Dan Epstein, the Executive Director of Cause of Action, said Reid pushed for the special accommodations to benefit his son.

“These applications were denied for ‘suspicious financial activity,’ Epstein said. “Then Harry Reid, realizing that he could benefit his son financially and potentially himself politically, decided to overturn those petitions by directly contacting USCIS and asking them to overturn those petitions.

According to La Jeunesse, Mayorkas also did favors for other top Democrats including Democrat National Committee chairmen Ed Rendell, Terry McAuliffe and Anthony Rodham, the brother of Hillary Clinton.


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