Pro-Hillary group threatens reporter about ‘sexist’ language; cue the social media scorn

An organized group of Hillary Clinton supporters has issued a stern warning to at least one reporter – give our preferred presidential candidate special treatment, or else.

The practice of mud-slinging, albeit ugly, is as old as the political arena itself. Now that that a woman might be going for the top spot in American politics, some of her admirers are demanding she be treated with kid gloves – all in the name of equality?

A group of radical Hillary Clinton fans who call themselves the HRC Super Volunteers sent an email to New York Times reporter Amy Chozick, warning her that they’ll be monitoring her reporting for “coded sexism.”

Chozick, to her credit, had some fun with the warning on Wednesday when she posted parts of it on Twitter.

The HRC Super Fans, ahem, “HRC Supporters,” really need to get up to speed. There are so many other words and nicknames they could be monitoring.

There’s Shrillary, Butchress of Benghazi, Hilla the Hun, Wicked Witch of the West Wing…

Of course they’ll be protesting. That’s all anyone does anymore – protest.

But the crème de le crème comes from the tweet that claims the word “secretive” is now sexist.

Remember, it’s only sexist if your political candidate of choice is a woman who’s shrouded in secrecy.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

It’s a shame that kind of wit will be lost on the Hillary supporters.

Where’ve you been, Steven? “Bossy” is never OK.

The HRC Super Supporters should just be relieved that no one mentioned Hillary’s cankles.

Oh, shoot.

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