Pro-amnesty Dem booed off stage holding ‘Spanish-only’ town hall

Pro-amnesty Congressman Luiz Gutierrez was confronted with a heavy dose of American patriotism when he tried to hold a town hall meeting at the University of Southern California over the weekend.

Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat, was on his “immigration tour” promoting President Obama’s amnesty plans when he was met with outspoken protesters who wouldn’t allow him to begin on time, and eventually booed him out of the room.

At the beginning of the meeting, the facilitator explained to the crowd that the bi-lingual congressman was going to hold the meeting in Spanish only – unless headphones were used to translate to English – and was met with calls from the crowd that, “More people here speak English than Spanish!” and “We live in America, it should be in English!”

Pro-amnesty Gutierrez supporters began chanting “Si, se puede,” which the headphones would have translated to “Yes, you can.” While protesters chanted back with, “USA, USA!”

Guiterrez wasn’t able to start his town hall until a police officer addressed the crowd and called for peace. He politely noted that they had enough law enforcement there to take care of the situation if it continued.

The peace lasted about 30 minutes.

Voices rose up again and began to challenge Gutierrez while he was speaking. One person yelled, “Don’t play the race card!”

And another, “Where you going, Luis?”

As Gutierrez hightailed it out of the room.

For the next town hall meeting, Gutierrez might re-think those headphones.

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