Capitol police order Congress to nix drunken 4th of July parties

And these are the people American’s are dependent upon to resolve our most pressing problems as a nation?

Hoping to avoid a repeat of last year’s July Fourth celebration, when the U.S. Capitol was overrun with drunken revelers, according to CNN, Capitol Police sent a letter to congressional leaders requesting that they scale back festivities associated with the annual concerts held on Memorial Day and Independence Day.

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Law enforcement authorities sent the letter to both Republican and Democratic leaders, asking them to restrict access to the Capitol to members, VIP guests and congressional staff.

“The enormous growth in the sheer number of people inside the Capitol on the evening of both concerts has made enforcement of the basic rules of decorum extremely difficult to manage or enforce,” the letter said.

“Due to the large number of unescorted guests inside the Capitol, it is virtually impossible for Capitol Police to maintain the integrity of all private areas and offices within the building.”

A daunting commentary in the age of ISIS.

July Fourth “wasn’t the first time the building was filled with drunken revelers wandering the historic hallways during patriotic celebrations,” CNN reported.

In addition to concerns that the parties have gotten out of control and become dangerous, the letter also cited mounting overtime costs and mentioned the ready availability of “coolers containing liquids” — see alcohol.

“[T]here are many items which are strictly prohibited inside the Capitol — such as liquids — which credentialed staff with offices in the Capitol are permitted to bring into the building,” police said in the letter.

“However, on the evening of the concerts, numerous guests of staff arrive at the Capitol with bags and coolers containing liquids.

“These liquids are are very frequently sanctioned as ‘staff property’ and allowed to bypass the regulation to expedite the security screening process.”

As for the overtime, taxpayers were on the hook for more than $735,000 last year, according to CNN.

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