Whoopi Goldberg to Ted Cruz; ‘Are you talking for the Cuban or white side?’

Texas Republican Ted Cruz’s announcement Monday that he will be making a run for president caused a media uproar – and the ladies of “The View” just had to get in on the action.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg told the show’s audience that Cruz had previously asked to see President Obama’s birth certificate, and now, Whoopi is demanding to see Cruz’s.

The senator has made no secret of the fact that he was born in Canada. He maintains that according to the Constitution, he is a citizen by birth because his mother is an American citizen.

Ted Cruz makes it official

‘I’m running for president’ announcement; smart move?

The fiery comments on the “The View” were elicited after co-host Nicole Wallace stated that Cruz’s birthplace is “going to be the least of his worries.”

“For you to say, as a Republican, that [Cruz] not being born in this country is the least of his problems is insane, insane,” Rosie Perez said.

“I love ya darling. Obama birthers and all that stuff – they made it a huge issue.”

And now it’s payback time.

“I’m a Ted Cruz birther. I want to see the birth certificate,” guest host Michelle Collins said.

Whoopi Goldberg couldn’t resist the temptation to join the new “Ted Cruz birther movement” and went off on a nonsensical rant over whether Cruz talks for Cubans or “whites” when he speaks.

“[Cruz is] one of the people that said, well, ‘the president, huh, you know, I want to see your birth certificate.’ And you’re a mixed gentleman, right? You are mixed. I want to know, are talking for the Cuban side or the white side? What are you talking for?” she said.

Then Goldberg offered Cruz a quick scolding and an ominous “warning.”

“See, now, when we turn it around, it’s not very nice. So luckily we have better stuff to concentrate on than where you were born, Ted. But do know that we are aware of some things you’ve said.”

For the record, Cruz released his birth certificate in 2013. The ladies of “The View” should really check out Google sometime.

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