Rep. Peter King says he’ll jump off bridge if Ted Cruz is nominated; guess how that went over?

Obviously Rep. Peter King never heard Ronald Reagan’s 11th  commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

King, R-N.Y., appeared on CNN’s “The Situation Room” Monday to give his opinion on Ted Cruz’s announcement that he would be seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016 election.

He wasn’t flattering.

“We need intelligent debate in the country. Ted Cruz may be an intelligent person, but he doesn’t carry out an intelligent debate,” King told host Wolf Blitzer.

“He oversimplifies, he exaggerates and he basically led the Republican Party over the cliff in the fall of 2013. He has shown no qualifications, no legislation being passed, doesn’t provide leadership and he has no real experience. So, to me, he is just a guy with a big mouth and no results.”

Blitzer asked King if, despite his misgivings, he would support Cruz if he was able to get the nomination and King gave a childish answer.

“I hope that day never comes,” he said. “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

King criticized Cruz and Rand Paul, who will presumably announce his candidacy  soon, as “counterfeit conservatives,” and said that Cruz would have to undergo a “complete transformation” in order to get his endorsement.

Translation: Cruz would have to become part of the “mushy middle” he has repeatedly rallied against.

King said he could see himself backing Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and John Kasich, but also said he is considering a run for the nomination himself.

“I’m still looking. I’ll be in New Hampshire next week, I’ll be up there in Nashua, I believe, on April 16 and 17, and again I’m not kidding myself. It’s not gonna be easy. If not, I’ll just take advantage of this opportunity to appeal to the, to me, you know, the realistic wing of the party. The pro-defense, Ronald Reagan wing of the Republican party. The true conservatives, not the counterfeit conservatives like Ted Cruz. To prevent people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul from hijacking the nomination.”

King clearly wants an establishment candidate. The same attitude that brought us John McCain and Mitt Romney.

That worked out swell.

The Twittersphere is excited about the possibility of King jumping.

Ted Cruz makes official ‘I’m running for president’ announcement; smart move?

First one into the pool! Ted Cruz making WH run official; Dem wailing won’t wait.

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia

Carmine Sabia Jr started his own professional wrestling business at age 18 and went on to become a real estate investor. Currently he is a pundit who covers political news and current events.
Carmine Sabia


18 thoughts on “Rep. Peter King says he’ll jump off bridge if Ted Cruz is nominated; guess how that went over?


    Peter King: a disgrace, a relic, a dinosaur. Evidence that term limits should be put in place.

  2. Kenneth Clark says:

    We have several bridges we will offer for use. Golden Gate, Brooklyn, and we’ll even sell ticket with all moneys going to Ted’s campaign fund. Interested???

    1. truthbroker says:

      I could just kick him off the roof of my house into a pit of coals, then cover him with more coals, wet burlap bags and fill it the rest of the way with dirt. We could have a matanza the next day! Pulled King!

  3. Rip Rogers says:

    King always supports RINOs (he is a RINO) for Open Borders, Amnesty, No Sovereignty. He was a Bush follower, yes he will fight against the TEA, he always has.
    Viva la TEA!
    Viva la Cruz!

  4. Dale Patterson says:

    Obviously Rep. Peter King never heard Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

    — that goes without saying for ANYone…

    “I hope that day never comes,” he said. “I will jump off that bridge when we come to it.”

    — that’s not really in the same context as Barbra Streisand’s saying she would go to England… He is simply using a variation of an old analogy… Nothing to write home about… Or this article…and yes, he should have said “I will cross that bridge.”… I think perhaps he was a little bit flustered… He’s always flustered…

    then again, he’s just another poster boy for term limits…

  5. Richard Baumeister says:

    No Bias here. Great news segment What a POS liberal news is.

  6. macreal65 says:

    You will never hear a demcrat rip one of their own to shreds, even if they don’t like them. But I keep forgetting, Cruz is not in the same party as King, Bush, Graham, McCain and all those who just want to win and do nothing when they do…The GOP. But he’s a true Conservative, so King is not ripping his own. I hope that bridge that King jumps off of is Hella high and the water is like his soul, very shallow.

  7. cdo12 says:

    This is the next best deal to Sheila Jackson Lee setting herself on fire.

  8. Timothy Winkelkotter says:

    Peter King endorses Ted Cruz, by offering to throw himself off a bridge

  9. truthbroker says:

    King? Bridge? WAIT! I gotta get my camera!

  10. Daniel Hidalgo says:

    Peter King ( what jealousy does to some people )

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