‘Domestic incident’: White House’s bizarre response to ayatollah’s ‘death to America’ decree

There is no doubt that these are scary times and the White House’s reaction to Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s public call for “Death to America” is dumbfounding – even for this administration.

The White House responded to the ayatollah Monday by brushing off the hostile anti-American sentiment and called it a “domestic political incident.”

“Of course, yes, death to America…” the ayatollah agreed with a chanting crowd in Tehran Saturday, and blamed the U.S. for being a source of unwarranted “pressure on their economy.”

The “death to America” rhetoric comes at a time when the Obama administration is desperately trying to negotiate with Iran on an agreement that would keep the Islamic Republic from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Secretary of State John Kerry, stated that “substantial progress” has been made on a deal that critics say would eventually give Iran nuclear weapons capability – and power to execute exactly what the Iranian mob was chanting. It raises the question – does the administration have any sense of reality?

Informed citizens on social media certainly do, and weighed in with their thoughts as #DeathToAmerica trended on Twitter.


Astounding indeed.

Funny, if it weren’t so tragic.

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