Gun store owner’s incredible hard evidence about DOJ’s Operation Choke Point

A gun store owner provided evidence to “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that his firearms business had been targeted by “Operation Choke Point,” a clandestine federal program overseen […]

Rand Paul makes a case for why he’s a better nominee than Ted Cruz

Rand Paul has his gloves on and is ready to fight his Republican rivals, starting with Ted Cruz. The Kentucky senator appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly […]

DOJ nominee refuses to give opinion on legality of Obama’s executive amnesty order

Sally Quillian Yates wants to be confirmed for the job of deputy attorney general but she wont take a position on the legality Obama’s executive amnesty. Watch […]

Anti-Sharia mayor getting personal scrutiny from the press after standing up to Muslim pressure

The female mayor of Irving, Texas, is getting a new level of media coverage after the city took a stand last week against Sharia law. She better […]

FEMA to punish states, withhold funds if governors don’t believe in climate change

The Obama administration is taking its authoritarian power to an ominous level with new guidelines that could ultimately punish victims of natural disasters if their state governors […]

Guy booted from plane for profanity-laced T-shirt sparks First Amendment argument

A college student who was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines flight in St. Louis Monday for wearing a profanity-laced T-shirt has raised questions about the First […]

Noah Galloway Jamie Boyd
‘Dancing with the Stars’ double amputee vet gets surprise from Army girlfriend after live performance

In one of the most heartwarming moments in the history of the show, ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday featured a touching reunion of two Army […]

Dr. Ben Carson calls President Obama a ‘psychopath’ – professional diagnosis?

This is going to drive the libs crazy, A GQ magazine profile of Dr. Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon and potential contender for the Republican nomination, quotes Carson calling […]

Just a hoot: Hillary has the gall to joke about her email scandal with reporters

By Hillary Clinton standards, it was a laugh riot. The stiff-as-a-board former first lady, former senator, and former secretary of state tried to yuk it up with […]

Obama And Netanyahu
Obama sees red after Israel spies on Iran talks, shares info with US Congress

White House officials have learned Israel spied on U.S. nuclear talks with Iran but what they’re most angry about is who Israel scared the information with: The […]

‘Domestic incident’: White House’s bizarre response to ayatollah’s ‘death to America’ decree

There is no doubt that these are scary times and the White House’s reaction to Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s public call for “Death to America” is dumbfounding […]

Juan Williams goes off on Snoop Dogg blaming Ronald Reagan for gang violence

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.comJuan Williams didn’t take too kindly to Snoop Dogg blaming Ronald Reagan for LA’s gang problems in the 1980s. In a scathing rant […]