Yemen is a disaster; press asks Josh Earnest if he’s proud of his ‘template’

It was only six months that President Obama and his minions were hailing the administration’s success in Yemen as a template for future American foreign policy decisions.

On Monday, with the Arab country ablaze, U.S. special forces forced out and Islamist terrorists warring openly for control of its capital’s key points, White House spokesman Josh Earnest faced a skeptical press corps demanding to know if the administration stood by those words.

“The case that we have made is that Yemen did serve as a sort of template for the kind of strategy that we would employ to mitigate the threat from extremists around the world,” he said.

“Ultimately, our goal here is to build up the capacity of local countries so they can assume responsibility for their own security situation. That has the effect of stabilizing the country so extremists can’t use it to plot against the West.”

That’s nonsense. The American embassy was closed in February, and its Marine guard flown out on commercial aircraft after being forced to surrender its weapons.

After Saturday’s pullout of the last American forces, even the United Nations knows the country is on a path to civil war — and the only sides are Islamist savages who disagree on everything except how much they hate American infidel guts.

Yemen is a disaster, about as far from a “template” for success as the Obama administration can imagine – even further than the “lead from behind” days of the Libyan disaster.

The press corps knows it, Josh Earnest knows it. And if the president doesn’t know it yet, he will as soon as he sees it on the news.

In the meantime, Twitter users don’t have to wait.

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