Ted Cruz makes official ‘I’m running for president’ announcement; smart move?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made it official at the stroke of midnight Monday: He’s aiming for the White House.

Not only is Cruz the first major candidate to announce, he also chose to bypass the exploratory committee route being taken by other possible candidates.

Cruz’s announcement “will excite the base in a way we haven’t seen in years,” Amy Kremer, the former head of the Tea Party Express, told the Associated Press on Sunday.

Even making the early announcement, Cruz jumped the gun. He’d been expected to announce Monday during a speech at Liberty University in Virginia. But he alerted Twitter followers Sunday evening to be expecting it to happen earlier.  

Which drew lots of “can’t you just tell us now?” responses, along with this little gem:


But once the announcement came, fans offered their support and congratulations:

Cruz’s early announcement doesn’t come as a surprise to political insiders. NPR News reported five of the biggest benefits of the move:

  • Cruz needs to cut through the noise and confusion created by the expanding GOP field.
  • Getting in first should help Cruz raise money.
  • Skipping the “exploratory committee” phase cuts through the usual persiflage that surrounds nascent candidacies.
  • The early declaration bolsters Cruz’s bid to be the standard bearer for the party’s conservative activists.
  • The sooner Cruz gets in, the longer his long-shot candidacy will last.

Like most of the liberal media, the “news” organization couldn’t  resist calling Cruz’s candidacy a “long shot.”

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