Ted Cruz makes official ‘I’m running for president’ announcement; smart move?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made it official at the stroke of midnight Monday: He’s aiming for the White House.

Not only is Cruz the first major candidate to announce, he also chose to bypass the exploratory committee route being taken by other possible candidates.

Cruz’s announcement “will excite the base in a way we haven’t seen in years,” Amy Kremer, the former head of the Tea Party Express, told the Associated Press on Sunday.

Even making the early announcement, Cruz jumped the gun. He’d been expected to announce Monday during a speech at Liberty University in Virginia. But he alerted Twitter followers Sunday evening to be expecting it to happen earlier.  

Which drew lots of “can’t you just tell us now?” responses, along with this little gem:


But once the announcement came, fans offered their support and congratulations:

Cruz’s early announcement doesn’t come as a surprise to political insiders. NPR News reported five of the biggest benefits of the move:

  • Cruz needs to cut through the noise and confusion created by the expanding GOP field.
  • Getting in first should help Cruz raise money.
  • Skipping the “exploratory committee” phase cuts through the usual persiflage that surrounds nascent candidacies.
  • The early declaration bolsters Cruz’s bid to be the standard bearer for the party’s conservative activists.
  • The sooner Cruz gets in, the longer his long-shot candidacy will last.

Like most of the liberal media, the “news” organization couldn’t  resist calling Cruz’s candidacy a “long shot.”

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361 thoughts on “Ted Cruz makes official ‘I’m running for president’ announcement; smart move?

  1. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

    Great, the DNC and their liberal MSM wing hate him so he obviously is the man for the job! Let the attacks escalate so we know the right choice for real American’s has begun!

    1. SusieQ says:

      Yes sir!!!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    What a joke; but then again it’s the typical makeup of the republican “hopefuls”. A bunch of clowns, but great entertainment value.

    1. John Campbell says:

      The best entertainment is watching leftist heads explode when their fear overruns their mouths. Ted Cruz scares the heck out of leftist pundits. They simply cannot defend the super sniper bullet dodger nor the 1/64th Hiawatha. They’ve accepted liars so much that they believe their own lies. Some even advertize they are liars. California Gov. Jerry Brown being a prime example. Even the leftist press is infected with it. Brian Williams is now rumored to be heading up the Obama reelection bid for changing current term limits, but Hillary says no to more official executive orders when e-mails can make things happen without the advertizing. :o)

      LMAO!!!! :oD

      1. Joe says:

        The clown polls dead last even with republican voters…lol. What a waste of time.

        1. John Campbell says:

          Yet another lefty lie. :o)

          Here’s your brethren at work:

      2. olguy says:

        Meanwhile, back on the porch with intrepid reporter Bill O’Reilly.

    2. SusieQ says:

      Well tell me Joe one thing Hillary has managed to do of merit. Then there’s Biden, need I say more. Clown of gigantic proportions. Ok, who else do you have to offer?

  3. DaveMurphy4561 says:


    Ted Cruz born in Canada will run any way for SCOTUS.

    1. Doug says:

      You can’t run for the Supreme Court.

  4. Marilyn Z says:

    That just made my skin crawl. Highly intelligent of them.

    1. Doug says:

      One of Ted’s top colleges. Come on can the nonsense. They’re great schools. Light years ahead of all those crappy Texas schools and what about Arkansas or Mississippi State? All fabulous schools. Check what kind of board scores you need to get into those schools.

    2. SusieQ says:

      Boy, if I were their parents I would be soooooo….embarrassed.

  5. Chuck D says:

    ‘Unelectable’ Ted Cruz is the Sarah Palin of this election. Ted Cruz will never be president.

  6. LittleRoot_48 says:

    Where HAVE they been for the last 6 years?

    1. SusieQ says:

      Sitting in class listening to socialist professors. These kids would be in a world of hurt should the have to face that reality every day. Just sounds weirdly romantic to them. Spoiled rotten.

  7. Sasquatch says:

    There was a Frenchman named Vattel who must have advised Jefferson as strict a conservative, a patriot and laizzez faire advocate he was, the founding fathers were just trying to keep King George’s politicos from gaining a toehold, even after 1829. England wanted this land back for over a century, we embarrassed them. Vattel’s definition sought to make sure BOTH parents were American to prevent this influence.
    Ted Cruz has pure intent, he said tonight that he wants to follow The Constitition so I challenge him to vett himself publicly now. Personally, I wish Rand Paul and Dr. Carson could unite this country and Ted Cruz would run the Senate.

  8. WJW says:

    Ted Cruz is NOT a natural born Citizen of the USA, and he darn well knows it! Natural law determines the natural born Citizen. Positive law determines all other citizens. Learn the difference people!

  9. Chuck D says:

    Democrats cheer: Run, Ted, run

    1. SusieQ says:

      Same for Hillary except she can barely walk.

      1. olguy says:

        Like much of the Publican base.

        1. SusieQ says:

          Oh, you again, can you spell? Or is that one of your other inadequacies. I forgot you’re folksy. Will Rogers has nothing to worry about.

          1. olguy says:

            Well hello yourself.
            Yep. No one can touch ol’ Will. Wish he was still with us.
            Think I can spell. Always got the spell check just in case.
            Care to address the issue of The Walking Pubs? 2016 is a ways off. Been base buildin’?

          2. SusieQ says:

            I have a policy,(silly me) unless someone makes their issue clear and learns how to articulate a question I don’t care to answer, try again.

          3. olguy says:

            Naw, you just like to divert.
            You seem to say Sen. Clinton may have trouble walking, much less running, presumably because of her age. If this is so, why do you wish to point this out as a weakness when so much of the Publican base is in the same predicament? The Walkin’ Pubs thing, well that’s just some fun, y’know, The Walking Dead? Get it?
            Anyways, since you folks don’t seem to be expanding your base, and part of it is dying off, how you gonna replace their votes? How’s that? Clear enough?

          4. SusieQ says:

            You should read more . There seems to be a much more expanded conservative base than ever. I don’t don’t know what Killary’s problem is . Maybe she spends too much time on her e-mails. Needs to get out more in the “sunshine”, cleansing you know. Anything else?

          5. olguy says:

            Good idea. I’ll start with Dr. Suess. Here he’s big in the Publican community.
            I’m sure you’ve found sites that whisper the sweet nothin’s you wish to hear. We’ll see if the E-mails have legs, and how much the folks are interested in such things as the Publicans continue to show them how things get done in a Publican controlled Congress. Another thing bout that expansion, when the primaries are over, think the RINOs and the TEA folks are gonna sit down and have Thanksgiving?

          6. SusieQ says:

            Why do you care? Ho hum , so boring Barry these days. Everyone is just getting tired of his “folk” speak. They are beginning to think they live in the “Hobbit”. Don’t worry we’ll still let you stay here. We just have to get Stymie on his way sooner or later.
            Oh, did you hear the largest hospital chain in California is closing? Wanna know why ? Let me give you a hint it involves a service Union that Stymie loves. Darn that MSNBC probably left that out If you’re through with your “chores” you can read up on that. Oh, almost forgot, didja hear about Yemen? How about the ISIS list targeting servicemen here? Stymie ain’t helpin’ them. Anyway you have a lot of googling to do.

          7. olguy says:

            Dead Pubs Walkin’.
            Don’t worry, anyone who reads this whole conversation will see that I’m the one who always tries to change the subject.
            Perhaps a big family dinner, like folks used to have. Doesn’t have to be a holiday.

          8. SusieQ says:

            Ahhh…. whatever, I don’t worry too much about what anyone thinks. It’s my independent nature. Sorry but home school is over for awhile and I doubt your homework is done. You know what they say about “all fun and no work makes olguy a dull guy” or something like that. See ya’.

          9. olguy says:

            Okie doke. I’m glad folks don’t get you all het up. It’d be a sorry life if all you did was walk round angry and stuff.
            The works good for me. Cheaper than the gym, and it gets me out around other folks.
            You have a good one.

          10. SusieQ says:

            Same to you geez, I think I’m starting to like you!

          11. SusieQ says:

            Ready to say “uncle” yet? Let’s see, Liberals 24%. By Gallup, a democrat’s best buddy poll . it’s Ok, go do your “chores”. See ya’!

          12. olguy says:

            No. Got a while yet. Don’t worry, if I do, they keep a record and let me know, I’ll get back to you. I just looked at Gallop, I’ll bet we didn’t look at the same poll.

          13. SusieQ says:

            Sure we did mine was the 2015 poll article, googling not your forte? I stand by my statement.

          14. SusieQ says:

            No we didn’t libs always have to be right. Their donkey nature.

          15. SusieQ says:

            Did you get potty mouth and it was deleted? Tsk, Tsk.

          16. Doug says:

            I can spell but it angers people.

          17. SusieQ says:

            Nice to have a spellcheck around sometimes.

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