Obama’s ex-Ebola czar warns of other danger: too much government growth

A Democratic operative and former Obama Ebola czar made a stunning admission in a magazine column published Sunday — that government is getting too big, and federal regulations pose a hindrance to growth.

Ron Klain / Source: teriobrien.com

“Recent developments in Washington, especially the Obama administration’s greater desire to flex its regulatory muscles in several key areas, mean that some booming startups will have to navigate new governmental hurdles in Washington, D.C,” >Ron Klain wrote in Tech Crunch.

“The most visible conflicts between startups and the government in the next two years will be in the nation’s capital, not in city halls or state houses.”

Klain, who previously worked for Al Gore and Joe Biden, wrote that the administration’s “desire to flex its regulatory muscles” is having the opposite effect on economic growth than what Obama claims.

After Klain left his position as the administration’s Ebola czar a month ago, he resumed his previous job as general counsel for Revolution LLC, a tech venture capital firm.

In the area of medical devices and genetic testing, Klain wrote that “startups have long complained about the length and difficulty of getting Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval to get to market.”

He added that GOP legislation may be in the works “to speed up the FDA approval process,” but doubted it would meet presidential approval.

“With 20 months to go in President Obama’s term, look for the administration to increase its activity,” he concluded, “and find more instances of both cooperation and conflict with the technology sector. The policy/tech fault line will be in Washington, D.C. – and it will offer more promise and peril than it has in a long time.”


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